We’ve been building relationships and helping developers build their vision for over 15 years.

Our approach is simple. We understand risk and the marketplace, and know how to deliver financing that creates value for the developer, and security to all parties involved. We make it happen in your time frame. Find out more about our team members below.


Jim Emanoilidis

If there’s a solution to be found, he’ll find it. He’s proud of this business and of being a part of your project, and he strives to make sure that you feel like we’ve got your back each time. It doesn’t matter how complex the concept, or if it’s ever been done before, he’s on your team, and will work with you to make sure things get done the best way possible. 15 years and three insurers later, he’s happy to now build a company around his way of doing business: Timely, Trusted and Tailored. That’s Westmount Guarantee.


Brian Argue
Vice President, Developer Solutions

Brian is schooled in architecture, but is a condo guy at heart. Over a decade in the Developer Solutions business has proven that he’s not only one of the best in this arena, he’s committed to making sure you get the best deal for your project. If they said the deal couldn’t be done, and it eventually was, he probably had something to do with making it happen.


Carrie Mason 
Vice President

We're a well-oiled machine, and that's because Carrie makes sure that we all have what we need to continue to deliver for our clients.  With more years than she likes to count in the surety and home warranty industry both here and out west, she keeps us always pushing toward the next level from managing our insurer partnerships to business casing new initiatives.

Sandy Ewen
Consultant, Developer Solutions

Legend says that Sandy knows Tarion better than Tarion knows Tarion. He’s seen it all in our business, and will probably one day write a book about it. Meanwhile, he’s here to push us to stay on top of our game, and to ensure you get the highest level of service, professionalism and advice.



Denise Fraser
Senior Manager, Developer Solutions

She's brilliantly quick, and always brilliant.  Denise knows how to accurately execute on the many decisions that come up during the course of your project's life.  Time is always of the essence in our space, and Denise doesn't need to waste time finding solutions for the issues that arise day to day, she already knows them.


Sara Ahmadi
Manager, Business Development

If there's a project being built in the GTA, Sara knows about it.  She's on top of our dynamic condo and new home market, and quickly figures out how Westmount Guarantee can help your project surpass even your own expectations.


Elena Khantses
Manager, Developer Solutions

Elena has seen our industry from a couple of different angles, with twelve years in the Tarion Bond/Deposit Insurance business and a few more previously as a real estate professional. You can count on her to make sure you get the best deal for your project, and that you’re happy with our service every time. Because when you're happy, she's happy.


Marlon Brown
Senior Underwriter, Developer Solutions

Marlon has been a banker, but has never kept bankers' hours. He is now a Developer Solutions professional with an attention to detail that is as impressive as his ability to think outside the proverbial box. He knows that you need things done quick, so relax, you can bank on him to deliver.


Abdul Waheed
Senior Underwriter, Developer Solutions

With Abdul, expect no preconceived notions of how things used to be done; look forward to smart, fresh ideas as to how they can be done. When it comes to finding ways to best use your deposits in your project, his aim is true.

Priscilla Chung
Underwriting Analyst, Developer Solutions

She’s an expert at being an expert. We count on Priscilla to keep us efficient, current, and on time. You can count on her to deliver what you need, when you need it, and even better than you thought it could be.


Tracy Liu
Corporate Accountant, Westmount Guarantee

Tracy knows numbers, and she knows how to keep us balanced, day in and day out. If it’s a question about an invoice, payable or receivable, she has all the answers, and all the time in the day to make sure you have them too.


Lisle August
Senior Underwriting Assistant, Developer Solutions

Lisle believes in getting it done right the first time. She knows time is of the essence in this business, and that your time is precious. She has spent years calmly handling every imaginable challenge in our business, making sure it’s always smooth sailing for our clients.


John Solakis
Senior Underwriting Assistant, Developer Solutions

If it needs to be done now, it will be, and it will be better than expected. Years in the railway industry, now running like a freight train on our Developer Solutions team. He's fast, accurate, and unstoppable when it comes to taking care of what you need.


Aisha Asmal
Administrative Assistant

People tell us we're the most efficient team in the business.  That has a lot to do with Aisha.  If it needs to go out today, it probably already has.  Count on Aisha to make sure the urgent flow of information and documentation in our business keeps moving at top speed.  



Chief Morale Officer

Don't sweat the small stuff.  Or the big stuff, for that matter.  That's the way Charlie rolls.  When we're having a bad day, Charlie reminds us that all is good.  The way Charlie sees it, every day is a good day.  And we all agree.