Protecting the deposit on your home has never been easier.

How it Works

Signing up with Westmount Protect means you’re covered for your entire deposit. Yes, your upgrades are covered too.

  • Purchase your new home from a participating builder
  • Register your new home for Westmount Protect at their sales centre when you sign your purchase agreement
  • Create your account to view your policy. Add your upgrade deposits to your policy on your Westmount Protect account
  • 100% of your deposit is protected if your builder fundamentally breaches the purchase agreement or goes into bankruptcy, or if you have a statutory right to treat the purchase agreement as terminated
  • Make a claim to Tarion for the first $40,000 of your deposit.
  • Make a claim against your Westmount Protect insurance policy for the balance of your deposit
  • Have the peace of mind that 100% of your deposit is covered

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