New Name,
Familiar Faces.

Westmount Guarantee and Aviva are pleased to announce that in 2019 they are partnering to form Westmount Guarantee West, a Managing General Agency (MGA) for the delivery of Deposit Protection Insurance across Western Canada.

The new MGA will have binding authority for Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, and will be headed by Tom Reeves and his existing team of underwriters who have been working with Aviva since 2010. Tom and his team are market leaders in providing deposit protection insurance in western Canada.



We're different and our approach is simple.

We understand risk, the marketplace, and know how to deliver deposit financing that creates value for you, and security to the other parties involved.

We cut through the red tape creating a solution customized to your project and needs.

We remain as dynamic as your project is over its lifetime.

There is no middle man and we do not need to obtain multiple levels of approvals to provide binding quotes, quickly, efficiently and locally. With the trust of our insurers, we are fully empowered to make and execute on all of your ever-changing needs from start to finish.


Condominium Deposit Insurance

Surety solutions for Builders and Developers.

A surety product, this insurance is needed to enable residential condominium developers to access and utilize purchasers’ deposits as a source of project financing. We also specialize in deposit insurance for commercial projects.


Timely, Tailored, Focused

Condominium Deposit Protection Insurance

The importance of the deposit protection insurance business has continued to grow in the west as projects become larger, and the deposits forming a more significant portion of capital budgets. As a result, a more specialized and focused approach towards delivering deposit protection insurance solutions, without the red tape, has become a necessity. We are specialists in providing Deposit Insurance.

 A cost effective source of project financing.



custom home warranty solutions

We’ve got You covered!

Westmount Guarantee West  can also leverage its existing relationship with our sister company National Home Warranty to provide 2-5-10 Home Warranty coverage in BC and Alberta and Home Warranty insurance in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our underwriters cut their teeth providing coverage for Home Warranty Insurance before specializing in Deposit Insurance. We can work with National Home Warranty to provide Home Warranty Insurance quotes upon request.