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We’re different and our approach is simple.

  • We understand risk, the marketplace, and know how to deliver deposit financing that creates value for you, and security to the other parties involved.
  • We cut through the red tape creating a solution customized to your project and needs.
  • We remain as dynamic as your project is over its lifetime.
  • There is no middle man. With the trust of our insurers, we are fully empowered to make and execute on all of your ever-changing needs from start to finish.

"With creativity, flexibility and a personal approach — our focus is delivering solutions that meet your needs in your time frame."

- Jim Emanoilidis
  President, Westmount Guarantee Services Inc.



A cost effective source of project financing.


$1.4B in active Tarion Bond issued

$5.3B of active deposit insurance facilities

$2.8B of purchaser deposits working for developers right now


Surety solutions for builders and developers.


Condominium Deposit Insurance 

A surety product, this insurance is needed to enable residential condominium developers to access and utilize purchasers’ deposits as a source of project financing. We also specialize in deposit insurance for commercial projects.

Tarion Bonds 

A surety bond accepted by Tarion Warranty Corporation to secure your warranty obligations as a residential builder in Ontario.  Your obligations to purchasers are set out under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act, which Tarion administers.

Access all of your purchaser deposits with a Tarion bond and Condominium Deposit Insurance from Westmount Guarantee.


Westmount Protect
Freehold Deposit Insurance

Lead the way by purchasing deposit protection insurance for your freehold home buyers.  Show them your strength with Westmount Protect deposit protection insurance; peace of mind that 100% of their deposit is protected.


Site &
Subdivision Security

One of the biggest sources to reduce your letter of credit usage and costs is when you are able to provide a bond to the town or municipality.  We have a custom bond wording in use that provides an equal level of security to a municipality as the letter of credit.


Custom Bonding Solutions

If you dream of a need we can develop the solution.
Contact us for custom bond wordings and solutions.


We’ve been building relationships and helping developers
build their vision for over 15 years.